"What works for your child is what makes the choice right!"

Guide By Your Side

What is it?

Hands & Voices New Mexico Chapter's guide By Your Side (GBYS) program is dedicated to supporting families

and their children from ages 0 to 18, who are deaf of hard of hearing (D/HH), by offering the opportunity to connect

with a Parent Guide and attend social and educational events.

WHAT IS a parent guide?

GBYS Parent Guides are parents of D/HH children who have received training that prepares them to help empower families by sharing stories and providing information without a bias towards communication modes.  Parent Guides bring their direct experience, specialized knowledge, and personal compassion to tehir roles while making the family's needs their primary focus.

WHy is parent-to-parent support so important?

Every family with a deaf or hard of hearing child has a story to tell, yet we all share a common bond.  Families who are just beginning their journeys or who run into new situations or transitions can benefit from experiences parents of D/HH children.

How much does it cost?

The Guide By Your Side program is free to New Mexico families who have D/HH children.

How Do I Connect with a Parent Guide?

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