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If you would like to consider joining the Board of Hands & Voices New Mexico Chapter, please read the Board commitment letter to learn what is expected and then complete the Board application.

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"What works for your child is what makes the choice right!"

Board Members


  • Jessica Sanchez, President
  • Rachel Gutierrez, Co-Vice-President
  • Andrea Shije, Co-Vice-President
  • Carol Clifford, Secretary/Treasurer

Board Members

  • Carmen ArmentaParent
  • Carol Clifford, Professional
  • Rachel Gutierrez, Parent
  • ​Mark Ramirez, Professional, Deaf Adult
  • Jessica Sanchez, Parent
  • Andrea Shije, Parent

Advisory Board MEMBERS

Chloe Madsen Keilers, Student, Deaf Teen

Marjorie Madsen Keilers, Parent, Hard of Hearing Adult


  • Carmen Armenta, Executive Director