"What works for your child is what makes the choice right!"


Come Rock with Us!

Join Hands & Voices New Mexico (HVNM) at our Guide By Your Side Program (GBYS) event in Shiprock, NM. Learn about local resources, share stories of raising a deaf or hard of hearing (D/HH) child, speak with other families with D/HH children, paint rocks to take home, meet, mingle, and munch!

HVNM GBYS events are meant for ALL communication modes, for ALL ages 0 - 18, and for ALL educational choices. Deaf and hard of hearing adults and professionals who work with D/HH children are always welcome.

Please RSVP:

     Call:     505-553-4366 or 505-357-0344

     Email:  Parentgroup@hvnm.org

     FB:      Facebook.com/handsandvoicesnm