2022 Events

Calendar of Events & Locations

Events are generally scheduled on the second-non-holiday-weekend Saturday of the month.  What will you be doing in 2021?  We invite you to join us throughout the year and throughout the state!  List is subject to change as we fine tune details, so check here often.

Feb 12th                       NW Regions Parent Painting Party

March 19th                  Board Meeting/Board Development - Virtual (Zoom)
‚ÄčApril 8th                        Life Celebration for Wendy Prouse, NMSD EI Regional Supervisor for NW area of NM

June 17th                     Board Meeting/Board Development

July TBD                       Annual Family Fun Day 

Sept TBD                     Board Meeting - Zoom

Oct TBD                        Webinar - Why Parent-to-Parent support is important  

Nov TBD                      Board Meeting/Board Development

Dec ETB                       Webinar - Literacy

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