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About Events

We support one of the basic tenets of New Mexico's deaf and hard of hearing (D/HH) Children's Educational Bill of Rights by hosting events in support of Parent-to-Parent, Peer-to-Peer, and connections with D/HH Adult Role Models for New Mexico's D/HH children.  In a state as geographically dispersed as NM, it is challenging to provide opportunities to connect.  Hosting events, where families with D/HH children can get together, is a key component of HVNM's Guide By Your Side (GBYS) program.

HVNM  hosts a variety of events throughout the state throughout the year.  This year, events will generally follow a Second-week-end-Saturday of the month, with a few exceptions so please check this site and our Facebook page frequently.

  • Events are open to ALL families with D/HH children, professionals who work with D/HH children, and D/HH adults. a large scale event.  Most will typically include an informative presentation.  This could be about growing up deaf or hard of hearing (D/HH), advocating for your child, or helping your child advocate for themselves, sharing resources about IEP or accommodations.

  • Facebook are monthly facebook chats.  Join us from 8 PM to and 9 PM, or comment anytime.

  • Meet indicates meetings.  Board meetings to plan the fabulous events and Parent meetings to give parents an opportunity to communicate (ASL, English, Spanish) amongst themselves.

  • Other are trainings or fundraising events.

Questions have been raised about who is welcome at these events and who are we trying to serve:  HVNM events are meant for ALL communication modes, for ALL ages 0 - 21, and for ALL educational choices.  Deaf and hard of hearing adult role models and professionals who work with D/HH children are always welcome.

Join us during monthly FaceBook chats from the comfort of your own home--

2nd Wednesday of the month!

We welcome suggestions for presentations, chats, activities and co-hosts!  Send your ideas to parentgroup@hvnm.org or click here: